The Good Stuff You Lose Out On By Not Reading Other People’s Blogs

The Good Stuff You Lose Out On By Not Reading Other People's Blogs

You know, one thing I reckon bloggers don’t do often enough is read other people’s blogs.

If you come at blogging every time with the premise ‘What Eternal Wisdom Shall I Impart To the Ignorant Masses’, then the chances are the so-called ‘ignorant masses’ will realise how ignorant you are and avoid you like the plague. It is probably a blogging rite of passage, that moment when you realise that you are not the elite intelligentsia you think you are but rather just another run-of-the-mill mind with a WordPress account.

As a blogger you put a lot of effort and time into your own posts. On occasion I’ve spent whole days writing something because I really believed in it and wanted everyone to know what I thought about that something; and because of that, all I wanted was for others to read my blog – and oh my – even commenting! I didn’t even think about doing some reading myself to ‘share the love’. Perhaps I should’ve done. I might have learned something.

The fact that I chose today to do some reading and the positive results of that choice are illuminating.

'Blogging Out Loud' by Dave Coverly

Elizabeth Raney Burman of shared the above cartoon and directed me to its creator, the very talented Dave Coverly. Her ability to criticise and laugh at herself and the world is inspired. I learned how not to exercise from my quite frankly insane friend Amanda, and from everyone’s favourite quackademic Pat Harkin the best excuse I’ve ever heard for eating a bacon, sausage and egg sandwich.

Even on a particularly trivial poll for the best The Lord of the Rings character I found a surprisingly deep comment, which just made the whole debate of whether Aragorn or Samwise deserves the crown a whole new level of legitimacy.

Thanks to Facebook I came upon a particular gem of a blog – Single Dad Laughing by (surprisingly) single parent blogger Dan Pearce. Mr. Pearce has quite the following, but it is extremely difficult to feel jealous of him for this as his posts impart such wonderful sense and leave tracks of goodness, which he is kind enough to document for his readers’ pleasure. In November he wrote such a post entitled ‘I’m Christian, unless you’re gay.’ about a conversation he had with a friend who was dealing with homophobic abuse – and his own, very eloquently put, views on the subject.

His post was so eloquently put that it was used as the topic for a fateful school essay given to one particular boy. The e-mail Mr. Pearce received from the boy’s mother just speaks volumes about the power of blogging and what a difference to someone’s world a few choice words can make. It’s also a credit to one particular brilliant, gutsy but sadly nameless teacher who seriously deserves a serious pay rise.

Also in Mr. Pearce’s blog I found an extremely touching and heartfelt post entitled ‘Memoirs of a Bullied Kid.’ which struck an immediate chord with me. It is honest and deep and comes from a man who has an emotional intelligence which is right off the scale;

“And so, I will ask you now to not hate the bullies. Experience tells me that hating them, or being angry with them, will always make it worse. Instead, put your arm around them. Love them. Tell them that they are valuable. Tell them that you expect great things from them. They will stop the bullying. They will stop, because they will start to love themselves. And people who love themselves don’t bully others.”

Wise, wise words. He’s also given me a rather good idea which I may expand upon in a future post.

One Comment on “The Good Stuff You Lose Out On By Not Reading Other People’s Blogs”

  1. See, now I’m going lower impact on the exercise by belly dancing! It all works out 😉

    And well said, Marie 🙂

    (stupid WordPress is telling me I already have an account associated with the gmail I was using for posting on folks blogs, but danged if I can remember the password or anything related to it, so Facebook it is for commenting — good grief)

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