The Good Stuff You Lose Out On By Not Reading Other People’s Blogs

The Good Stuff You Lose Out On By Not Reading Other People's Blogs

You know, one thing I reckon bloggers don’t do often enough is read other people’s blogs.

If you come at blogging every time with the premise ‘What Eternal Wisdom Shall I Impart To the Ignorant Masses’, then the chances are the so-called ‘ignorant masses’ will realise how ignorant you are and avoid you like the plague. It is probably a blogging rite of passage, that moment when you realise that you are not the elite intelligentsia you think you are but rather just another run-of-the-mill mind with a WordPress account.

As a blogger you put a lot of effort and time into your own posts. On occasion I’ve spent whole days writing something because I really believed in it and wanted everyone to know what I thought about that something; and because of that, all I wanted was for others to read my blog – and oh my – even commenting! I didn’t even think about doing some reading myself to ‘share the love’. Perhaps I should’ve done. I might have learned something.

The fact that I chose today to do some reading and the positive results of that choice are illuminating.

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The Me That Hides

The Me That Hides

First posts are always difficult to write. Giving a reason for the addition of your half-formed opinions and expressions of vanity to the already vast melting pot of similar, and covering it in just a few paragraphs… without seeming corny or in love with yourself? It’s hard. I’ve probably already failed in my first paragraph.

Up until now, my ‘blogs’ have been under pseudonyms, for characters in games, multi-coloured all-singing all-dancing fronts for the real me to hide behind, out of fear of discovery maybe, to anonymously vent my problems, or because I wanted people to believe I’m somehow ‘better’ than I really am… for a given value of better. I’m writing this today because I wanted to rediscover that me that hides.

Maybe she’s not as bad as she thinks.