The Quotes of the Week VII

Sunday 13th

“If it does, John and I will be doing cartwheels. And that’s not easy at our age.”

Professor Daniel Whitmire of the University of Louisiana on research which may prove the existence of another ninth planet in our solar system; Tyche, thought to be four times the size of Jupiter

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The Friendship Gene?

The Friendship Gene?

I’ve been reading with interest about new research which claims that our choice of friends may be unconsciously being decided by our genes.

This research from the University of California claims that the gene DRD2, normally associated with alcoholism, also makes you a more attractive friend to someone who also has DRD2. On the other hand, two people who have gene CYP2A6, said to make you better at absorbing substances such as nicotine, are driven apart.

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The Notion of Musicality?

The Notion of Musicality?

How musical are you?

This week BBC Lab UK launched a new online experiment which will tell you just what level of musical talent you really have. The experiment also aims to disprove public perceptions about musical ability by encouraging everyone in the country to take part.

An interview about the experiment was published to the BBC website today, with a discussion between Radio 3 presenter Petroc Trelawney and Dr. Lauren Stewart, senior lecturer in Psychology at Goldsmiths College at the University of London.

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