The Hidden Influence of Gay Hate In Our Government

The Hidden Influence of Gay Hate In Our Government

I never thought I’d be writing another post referencing Christianity so soon after my last one. I practically emptied myself of my thoughts regarding my mother faith! However, apparently in this twisted world I may never be finished commenting on the worst excesses of it.

In my e-mail this morning I received an invitation to sign a petition, directed at several members of parliament who have received material support from a Christian charity, CARE (Christian Action Research and Education). The petition was started by Phillip Dawson from Enfield, who discovered that CARE co-sponsored a conference in 2009 which included the topics of “therapeutic approaches to same-sex attraction” and “mentoring the sexually broken”. His discovery turned into horror when he realised that the very same charity has since funded interns for 18 members of parliament, including his own (who has since severed ties with the organisation).

Sex in the City: a Judaeo - Christian conference for allHaving a vested interest in both the nastier side of the Church and in gay rights, I duly clicked through to sign the petition. To my horror I discovered that two of OUR LOCAL MPs are on the list of those who have received support from CARE – Catherine McKinnell MP, the Labour representative for Newcastle Upon Tyne North and, far more disturbingly for me, Sharon Hodgson MP, the Labour representative for Washington and Sunderland West. There’s also the Rt Hon Sir Alan Beith MP, who represents Berwick-Upon-Tweed for the Liberal Democrats. Clearly, it isn’t anything to do with party politics.

Digging deeper into the issue I came across another blogger’s post which details the full programme of the CARE conference, which was also sponsored by Anglican Mainstream (this just gets worse by the second). The conference was intended for “clergy, rabbis, psychiatrists, therapists and others concerned about the plethora of serious issues confronting us today.” Some of the topics and names just leap out of the pages (rather like a serial killer brandishing a kitchen knife).

Myths we live by: The gay gene, once-gay-always-gay, gay sex is just like straight sex
by Jeffery Santinover MD. Ph.D (U. N. speaker, psychiatrist and scientist)

The psychological, cultural & political agenda of LGBT activism: Past, present & future
by Jeffery Santinover

and perhaps even more disturbingly, given the above topics;

Mentoring the sexually broken
by Arthur Goldberg (Co-founder and co-director of JONAH and president of PATH)

Sex in the City programmeI don’t know which part of this disturbs me the most. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

The first topic covers several items which the speaker, Jeffrey Santinover, considers to be myths. Firstly, that being gay is genetic. Considering that Dr. Santinover is a doctor, psychiatrist and scientist, he must be aware of the current thought on this subject, and also the numerous studies which claim that being gay is genetic, or at least, nothing to do with how a child is brought up (the only possible alternative explanation). This latter sentiment has since been widely accepted by concerned professionals. Thus, Dr. Santinover is either ignorant or knowingly spreading lies.

The second topic: please. What political agenda? All gay rights activists have ever called for are the rights they should be due to under the respective laws of their countries. They aren’t harmful to or concern anyone else – to love without fear, to be equal to fellow citizens. Why would a highly educated person oppose that? Clearly, Dr. Santinover wants gay people to remain officially and socially second-class citizens.

Despite a doctorate, despite the fact that he is by profession an expert in psychiatric and scientific matters, despite the fact he is a fully-qualified doctor, Jeffrey Santinover is a bigot. More importantly, a bigot supported, apparently, by the Anglican church (We’ll get to that later).

Thirdly, Mr. Arthur Goldberg and his instruction on mentoring the sexually broken. On first sight, this may appear a noble topic. After all, there are many people in the world who are suffering from STIs and mental conditions which affect this area of their lives. However (if you can stomach it), have a look at the two organisations Mr. Goldberg is heavily involved with. A quick look at the websites of both will tell you all you need to know.

JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality) offers “gender affirming” therapy to help you on your “journey away from unwanted same-sex attraction”. There is also the story of a “Desperate Teenager Who Doesn’t Want to Be Gay”, the contents of which make me want to weep. A young gay man, happily brainwashed and looking forward to a future with a wife and kids. I’ve seen personally what happens when society forces a young man to deny his sexuality and instead choose a straight marriage. It ends in tears.

PATH (Positive Alternatives to Homosexuality) even goes so far as to self-classify homosexuality as an illness, calling it SSA (Same-Sex Addiction). This is both harmful and grossly incorrect – all scientific studies on the subject have shown that whatever causes homosexuality, it is NOT an illness. Therefore, Mr. Goldberg is also heavily ignorant, or most definitely a bigot.

Sex in the City delegates letterI could go on and on about the unwholesome nature of CARE and the harm it is doing under the unassuming and respectable status of charity, let alone Christian, but no doubt that anyone who has stuck with me throughout this post by now will probably already have been in agreement with me before beginning the article. Therefore it only remains for me to express my horror at the whole issue.

I am a supporter of another Christian charity, Samaritan’s Purse, best known for its seasonal campaign Operation Christmas Child, which delivers brightly-wrapped boxes of toys, sweets, stationery and other much needed goodies to children in developing countries. Time and time again Operation Christmas Child has been slammed by protesters, claiming that the charity is using the pretense of offering aid to evangelise to vulnerable children. As a packer at the warehouse over several years I have seen myself that the accusations were untrue. But is it any wonder that people make them and believe them when organisations like CARE exist?

I have since written to Sharon Hodgson MP informing her of the issue and deploring her to cease contact with this twisted charity. I remain hopeful that she will read my e-mail and take note, and that the fact that I am not one of her constituents will not silence or tie her hands.

Dear reader, if you are a constituent of one of the MPs on the list (found here), please contact them. If not, please sign the petition. This is an important message we need to send to purveyors of gay hate, no matter what faith we follow or beliefs we hold dear.

5 Comments on “The Hidden Influence of Gay Hate In Our Government”

  1. Dear Marie,

    Thank you very much for highlighting my petition and for signing it. I am very pleased you have written to Sharon Hodgson. I hope you hear back from her. Sadly it was not my MP who withdrew his support from CARE, it was my neighbouring MP, David Lammy. My own MP, David Burrowes, still supports them because he says they do good work.

    Since you received the email about the petition, Liz Kendall, MP for Leicester West has also withdrawn her support for CARE and Tim Farron, President of the Liberal Democrats has said on Twitter (not in a public statement) that he will not have a CARE intern next year and will look for other sources of funding after that – after initially defending the scheme by saying it offers a route for working class people to enter parliament (a statement he backed away from after it was pointed out that the internships are only available to those young people who will agree to sign CARE’s statement of faith, which is something not all Christians would be prepared to do, because it states that the bible is the supreme authority over all other judgement – i.e. the world was made in six days etc).

    I have also found out that one of the Directors and Trustees of CARE was involved in running an event in January called “The Lepers Among Us : Homosexuality and the Life of the Church”. Clearly the 2009 event was not a ‘one off’.

    Thank you for your support.

    Phillip Dawson

    • Marie says:

      I’ve had no response from Sharon Hodgson yet. I’m considering speaking to my own MP about the issue and hoping that she will ask her to sever ties or at least pass my message on. Thank you very much for the information, it will be helpful if I have to turn to my own MP about this.

      • Marie,

        I went on BBC Radio Newcastle on Wednesday and was delighted to hear statements from Sharon Hodgson and Catherine McKinnell both confirming that they will no longer participate in the intern programme, which is brilliant news.

        Sadly there are more MPs still involved with the charity, so the petition is ongoing !

        Thanks for your help!


        • Marie says:

          Oh WONDERFUL!!! She got my e-mail then. I’m thrilled. Were you actually speaking on the show, or just listening to it? I was just about to post another letter to my MP asking her to intervene on my behalf, but I’m glad that is no longer needed 😀

  2. […] regular readers (thank you, all of you) will remember my post from last month about the 17 members of parliament who have been supplied with interns funded by the homophobic […]

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