The Quotes of the Week VI

Sunday 6th

“Despite some delays we are fully back on track and very excited to get started.”

Director Peter Jackson announces the date filming will begin in New Zealand for new project The Hobbit – 21st March – after being released from hospital on Thursday

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The Quotes of the Week V

Sunday 30th

“It was definitely a very close thing – I can’t believe I fell 1,000ft and did not have any broken arms or legs. It really sunk in when I was in the helicopter and one of the guys said they thought they were just going to pick up a body. They told me I had gone over three major cliffs on the way down, each one over 100ft.

I think I was knocked out by the end of it, and kind of lost a bit of my memory. I wasn’t sure if I’d gone over one hill or two or what, so I was trying to get my bearings. I think I’d gone into autopilot. I remember thinking I didn’t really want a helicopter – I’d already tried to put my rucksack back on to climb back up and carry on. But when I tried again to lift it on to my shoulders, that was when I realised the pain I was in.”

Climber Adam Potter from Glasgow who fell from the 1000ft Sgurr Choinnich Mor mountain in Ireland – and stood up afterwards

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The Dreaded Taboo Which Begins With a U

The Dreaded Taboo Which Begins With a U

This week I went to the cinema to see Harry Potter with my mother. When we bought the tickets – concessionary, as usual – I was struck by the mix of emotions I felt as I hesitated before admitting I was unemployed. It seemed like a taboo; like I should be ashamed to be unemployed – because being unemployed means you’re lazy, incapable and unwilling to work. Is this true?

Of course it isn’t. There is no reason why I should feel ashamed of being unemployed.

In the last year or so, my working life has been a rollercoaster. This time last year I was about to discover that after months of unemployment I had landed the job of my dreams: a library assistant at the local council. The first half of 2010 was amazing. Though my position was casual, my hours gradually increased until I was earning enough to sign off. I had a lot going for me. I was looking forward to a full-time job, buying my own house, a bright new future. The recession was in full force, but what did it matter to me?

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