The Idiosyncrasies of Working in a Library I: Trying to Be ‘Booky’

The Idiosyncrasies of Working in a Library I: Trying to Be 'Booky'

Today, I’d like to share with you one of the daily occurrences at work which both amuses and irritates the heck out of me.

Books by Katie Price.
They’re turning up on the shelves in surprising abundance.

Sheofthestupidlysizedboobs is famous (or rather, infamous) for a lot of things. Having huge boobs. Being on a certain celebrity game show. Having huge boobs. Marrying Peter Andre with ‘unique’ style and then killing a Disney song in quite spectacular fashion live on TV. Having huge boobs. Separating and fighting with said ‘singer’ in the tabloids (I can’t stand him either). Oh and did I mention, having huge boobs?

One thing she is most definitely not famous for is ‘being booky’. I can overlook an autobiography… but in between appearing in cheap celebrity magazines, she’s accumulated quite a number of them. Six in total, to be precise; not counting the books other people have written about her (a customer removed three of them from the antiques section this afternoon). Then we have a collection of chick lit. A whole series on how to look after a pony, complete with a glossy front cover (and with certain assets hidden). Ten of them. Then to top it all off, a series of baby board books declaring her ‘Celebrity Mum of the Year’ and featuring such stories described as,

“A perfect first story for children of all abilities. Join Katie the Mermaid and Peter the Pirate as they count the fish and follow them to a party!”

(She also apparently tried to launch her own magazine for teenage girls.)

Allow me to finish banging my head on the keyboard. To rid myself of the cloying fail which attached itself to my brain in the space of the last two paragraphs. How, among all the famous mothers in the world, could she claim to be the best? Isn’t it a moot point to claim such an accolade anyway, putting aside the fact you’re warring quite publicly with the baby’s father in the daily tabloids? How can she believe that any parent with sense will accept a glamour model and tabloid perennial as a role model for their kids? What exactly is she trying to prove by (allegedly) writing so many books, especially when they’re almost all about herself?

God knows… and maybe I am being a bit harsh about her. Maybe she is trying her hand at a more dignified sort of career. But the message coming across here is only backing up public perceptions about her – that she is obssessed with both herself and the sort of fame only the truly desperate would want. I don’t see how this is doing her any favours, except in making money. I am not one to extol the greatness of lads mags and page three girls, but maybe she should’ve stuck to doing what she was good at?

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