The Annoying Thing About… Gyms

The Annoying Thing About... Gyms

The day someone came in with a ‘sniffle’ and everyone else left with full-blown flu.

A particular type of male which comes in packs and hogs a single weight machine by playing ‘who can lift the most stupidly heavy weight’ with his pals.

People who sweat profusely then refuse to wipe the evidence from the equipment after they’ve used it.

Attendants who seem to spend most of their time hiding, appearing in the actual gym once in a blue moon.

Two words. Hot seats. Euch.

Getting your shoelace trapped in the bike pedal and not noticing until it’s physically impossible to disentangle yourself without taking off your shoe.

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The Gym Playlist In Progress

The Gym Playlist In Progress

So, I’m back at the gym (after quite a few more months off than I really should have taken). I am definitely the last person for whom you’d use the term ‘gym bunny’. I’m not stick thin (that’s why I’m there) and posers make me giggle.

I won’t bore you with tales of depleted energy and inevitable aches in muscles I didn’t even knew I had following my recent return to heavy exercise. After all, my resolution this year is to be more positive, right? So instead, I want to share one of my secret weapons, my most important survival tip for the gym.

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The Quotes of the Week III

Sunday 16th

“There’s no question about it, there’s no answer to it other than people were greedy and they took advantage of a system. That is what happened. And they disgraced themselves. What annoys me is that they disgraced the Parliament that I have tried all my life to cherish and fought hard for.”

Former Speaker of the House Baroness Betty Boothroyd comments on the continuing expenses scandal among MPs, one of which was imprisoned this week

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