The February Reading Review

The February Reading Review

I’m a little disappointed in myself that I haven’t read as many books this month as I did in January! However I am still very much on target with the 50 book challenge I started this year.

The books I chose in February seem to carry a mutual theme, that of strong women living inspiring lives and exchanging the socially acceptable in a struggle for empowerment and freedom. I’m not sure whether my choices were deliberate on a subconscious level or just random, but they made a good month’s reading nonetheless.

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The January Reading Review

The January Reading Review

As I’ve taken up the challenge to read 50 books (or more!) in 2011, I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts about the books I’ve finished reading every month.

If you work out the challenge, the goal is to read a book a week, give or take two weeks; thus I’m pretty pleased with myself to have finished six books so far with two still on the go. I haven’t yet finished the monster book of stories by Hans Christian Andersen yet with which I began the year (should I count it as more than one book?). However, I’m really enjoying the challenge so far.

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The 50 Book Challenge

The 50 Book Challenge

Following on from the positivity of my last post, I’ve taken on two new challenges for this year; firstly, I’m going to give the Post a Day 2011 WordPress challenge a try, and secondly, I’m going to take up a challenge I found on a friend’s blog.

The idea is to read at least 50 books in one year. Given my hermit-come-packrat tendencies when it comes to books, I’m up for that! (It may even solve this ‘book waiting list’ problem I have so I can go out and buy more books! YAY!)

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