The Seamstress in Progress

The Seamstress in Progress

If you’ve spoken to me at all recently you may have noticed the sudden and intense interest I’ve taken in sewing, dressmaking, card-making, painting and all things creative in general. I’ve made so many things in the past month or so that I decided to a) record what I’d done for posterity and b) share with you all what I’ve been up to.

I’ve named this post so as a little joke, as one of the costumes I’ve been working on recently is a seamstress (a la Discworld/Terry Pratchett) Victoriana corset and bustle skirt outfit for this year’s Hogswatch celebrations in November. Discworld aficionados will know all about the double entendre attached to the word ‘seamstress’. However I can assure any sniggering male Pratchett geeks out there (I *know* who you are) that the type of seamstress I am rapidly becoming is the type which wields a needle, thread and five pound sewing machine. Be warned.

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The Gates of Hell

The Gates of Hell

So my post is dramatically named! (and will be explained)

I wanted to share a rather ambitious project that I’m embarking on. Mid-way through last year I discovered I was the owner of a sewing machine, and since then, I’ve been trying odd little sewing projects, such as an apron, a witch’s hat… and for a few months now I’ve been dreaming of tackling something much bigger.

Today, I went out to buy a heap of gorgeous red and gold brocade fabric, blue cotton and a strip of creamy faux fur. It was all very expensive… and I’m very excited about it all.

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