The Shameless Bacon Buttie Pilferage

The Shameless Bacon Buttie Pilferage

Things have been getting a little exciting lately at Camp Terry-and-Rob. Not only are we waiting for Snuff, the next installment of the Discworld series released later this year, and the eagerly anticipated collaboration between Sir Terry and sci-fi author Stephen Baxter named Long Earth. With last week’s announcement that the rumoured Good Omens television adaptation is finally to go ahead with Terry Jones of Monty Python fame in the driving seat, you would think that we had ‘enough to be going on with’.

That is, of course, before we saw this video.

Released exclusively by SFX on Monday, the video features a group of sci-fi geeks cunningly distracted while faithful PA Rob Wilkins devours their entire stock of bacon butties! Not even the noble insights of the distinguished gentleman sitting next to him were enough to discourage him from his evil goal. Whatever will Sandra say when she discovers the heinous lengths to which he will go to get his unhealthy food fix…

OK, mesmerising images of Rob eating bacon sandwiches aside, this is pretty exciting news. In the near future filming will start on the first ever episodic television show set on the Discworld! Surrounding the day to day lives of Ankh Morpork’s City Watch, the 13 episode crime series may be on our screens as soon as a year from now, according to producer Rod Brown. Genius author Terry Pratchett is seen in talks with Brown, production designer Ricky Eyres and speaking to LA scriptwriter Gavin Scott via speakerphone (Scott being already involved with the aforementioned Good Omens project).

The official press release reads:

“Sir Terry Pratchett and Rod Brown, managing director of Prime Focus Productions, have announced an agreement for the unprecedented and exclusive worldwide television rights to create brand new storylines for the iconic characters of Pratchett’s phenomenally successful Discworld series.

Terry’s universal success has seen him create one of the leading fantasy fiction franchises of all time, with 70 million worldwide sales of his 38-book Discworld titles. This will rise to 39 following another book to be published in October 2011. While there have been three successful mini-series adaptations of his Discworld books made for television in the UK, this is the first time Pratchett has granted a production company the international rights to his characters and their world. The agreement will see Prime Focus Productions create a series of new stories exclusively for a television audience.

The main focus of the series will be the bustling, highly mercantile, largely untrustworthy and vibrant city of Ankh-Morpork. It will follow the day-to-day activities of the men, women, trolls, dwarves, vampires and several other species who daily pound its ancient cobbles. This will of course also include Igor in the forensics department. Terry commonly refers to the City Watch police force series as ‘the jewels in his Discworld Crown’. These richly developed and highly compelling characters will feature in a ‘crime of the week’ episodic storyline. As each weekly adventure unfolds, viewers will be taken on a ride through Pratchett’s genius imagination, with the author overseeing the creation of the series. In this world, wild and exciting encounters with werewolves, dragons, dwarfs, trolls, golems and the classic heroes and villains are an everyday occurrence… many of whom even make outstanding crime fighters!

‘I believe the globally successful Discworld franchise will readily translate to the small screen in the form of a high-end, mass appeal weekly drama series, giving the audience the anticipation and excitement of brand new Discworld stories every week through the medium of television, rather than books,’ said Rod Brown, managing director of Prime Focus Productions. ‘It’s a huge responsibility to get this right for Terry, his legions of Discworld fans and the new followers that we’ll attract along the way. I believe they’ll be in for a treat with a high calibre writing team already attached, including Monty Python’s Terry Jones and Gavin Scott (Small Soldiers, The Borrowers). We’ve already spoken to a number of international broadcasters who’ve shown early interest and we hope to move forward very quickly to bring this exciting project to fruition.”

“Sir Terry Pratchett said of the agreement: ‘I’m very excited and incredibly happy about this because Rod was co-head of the team that produced the very successful Sky One adaptations. My message of encouragement to him now is: don’t bugger it up!'”

As a proud Discworld fan I’m very much looking forward to seeing The Watch (or whatever it will be called) on television. As a commenter on Youtube proudly said, “It’s a good day for nerd kind.”

But while Pratchett fans everywhere rejoice over this welcome extension to the fandom we must, however, not be distracted from the more iminent criminal mastermind’s plot to single-handedly rid the world of bacon sandwiches. No doubt the SFX corridors are being filled with his evil laughter as the world is lulled into euphoria by the good news, which is likely a front to cover his underhand operations. Indeed, the concentration with which Wilkins stares at the table before him raises fears that he may have acquired a ‘will into existence’ device which will surely mean the end of all mankind. Probably.

We’re watching you.

(Only kidding. We love you really, Rob!)

Photo credit: SFX


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