The Haiku Game (with a Frenchman)

Why say you’re Irish?
You live an ocean away
and always have done.

People are stupid
you should get used to this fact
it’s universal.

Sweaty man in gym
I hope you’ll wipe that machine
before I use it.

You there English girl
will you ever stop moaning
you sound like you’re French.

1:0 to the French


I don’t understand
why people think it is hard
to write in Haiku.

Yes it is rather
trying to think how best to
answer. That work? lol

A wisecrack could be
the proper clever answer
but it’s up to you.

People are so vain;
they use many words to make
them seem important.

Well you are the one
who chose to use poetry
to somehow show off 😛

It is not me who
is typing every line
as haiku, Frenchie.

Is it not indeed?
I could stop easily now,
it is boring me.

Always critical.
You bore almost as quickly
as you start to moan.

1:1 score’s a draw

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