The Star of Eärendil / I Galad Eärendil

The Star of Eärendil / I Galad Eärendil

Morning comes, yet all is dark
Over the plain of the Pellenor Fields
Rohan has emptied its men and its steeds
Noble men riding against evil
And in a dark cave in the Morgul Vale
Eärendil’s star shines into the black

Under the shadow, mist and despair
The flagging hopes of mankind
Under the sun, the battle finished
Let kin asundered be apart no more
For in a dark where all lights go out
Eärendil’s light has come again


Aur tôl dan pân morn
Erin delaith e-Belennor
In rechyn ar rych Rochan gwannasser
In edain eryd núriel dan um
Ar mi fela vorn na lad Morgul
I ngîl Eärendil síla nan môr

Nuin dúath, hîth ar goe
I estel him in-Edain
Nu Anor i nagor carnen
I noss aderthatha
Na vôr ben-calad
I galad Eärendil assíla


Translated into Elvish by an old friend of mine, Laebeth

Picture credit: Sam and Shelob by John Howe

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