The Hobbit’s Riddle-book

The Hobbit's Riddle-book

Just a quick post today for all you LOTR Purists out there who want to prove themselves!

I hereby challenge you to the time-honoured contest of riddles; with a twist! I love riddle games, as all with hobbitish tendencies do, and I’ve written a good few that I’d like to share with you. All the answers to my riddles are found in either The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings or The Silmarillion.

Feel free to leave your guesses as comments here and leave your e-mail address if you would like me to mail you the answers! Highlight the text where it says ‘clue’ for a handy hint.


From The Hobbit

Hidden to the eye, yet through I am spied
Beware, lonely traveller, beware
I am waiting to pull you through me inside
So follow the path past if you dare

Band of Dwarves, beware as you go
Your enemies through this will soon show
Singing of dungeons and dark caves below
If you pass, be sure that they’ll know

Clue: Secret gateway to where?

I couldn’t walk the path of a fly
One of brothers three am I
My beard is long
And ropes are strong
When paths are dizzy and high

Clue: I had to be pulled up.


From The Lord of the Rings

I was high, but torn down in my prime,
I was strong, but they lost what was mine.
I was tall, but now I am broken,
Now I am ruined by evil awoken.

As you pass, remember if you will-
The noblest of Men who guarded my hill.

Clue: Put that fire out!

Open am I to the wind and the rain
Closed am I for the enemy’s gain
You must head here, for if you go over
The weather will batter the ranger or rover
You must head here, for if you go under
The evil will tear your party asunder

Clue: An evil wizard lives near here.

Two twins staring across an empty space;
One of the day and one of the night.
One stands proudly and reflects her face;
One hides in darkness and shadows her flight.

Clue: The middle book may be a clue.

Many have travelled along my way
There and back again, you might say
Beginning and end to magnificent tale
Pathway to all those setting sail

Clue: The road goes ever on and on…

Mother of many
Wanted no trouble, shame she got any
Sent her child away
To hate the sunlight and hide from the day

Clue: He really did teach her to suck eggs.


From The Silmarillion

I travelled to the dark and brought back the light
Out of the darkest land
Yet on the threshold, stolen back in a fight
They also stole my hand

Clue: It was bitten off.

Three are we
We came from on high
Of heavens
Of fire and water
Only one remains
Reflected in sky

Clue: Sparkle sparkle.

Climbing ever upwards,
Among the trees in a glen.
In spring the golden boughs surround me,
Remembering a time when:

O! Land of peace and fulfilment,
Glade of true love betrothed.
I say farewell to my own, dressed in white,
As in deep blues I am clothed.

Clue: I came before Galadriel and Celeborn.

Picture credit: The Riddle Game by Tom Kirk


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