The Quotes of the Week V

Sunday 30th

“It was definitely a very close thing – I can’t believe I fell 1,000ft and did not have any broken arms or legs. It really sunk in when I was in the helicopter and one of the guys said they thought they were just going to pick up a body. They told me I had gone over three major cliffs on the way down, each one over 100ft.

I think I was knocked out by the end of it, and kind of lost a bit of my memory. I wasn’t sure if I’d gone over one hill or two or what, so I was trying to get my bearings. I think I’d gone into autopilot. I remember thinking I didn’t really want a helicopter – I’d already tried to put my rucksack back on to climb back up and carry on. But when I tried again to lift it on to my shoulders, that was when I realised the pain I was in.”

Climber Adam Potter from Glasgow who fell from the 1000ft Sgurr Choinnich Mor mountain in Ireland – and stood up afterwards

Monday 31st

“They basically become oblivious to what’s happening in the hospital room. There are other studies showing you feel less pain during music or watching movies, but this takes it to a much more stronger level, because it’s so immersive. It isolates the patient from the real world, unlike any other media that’s ever been tried. That’s part of the reason we’re getting such strong results.

Pain lights up their brains like a Christmas tree when there’s no virtual reality. When you compare it to pain stimuli when they were in virtual reality, some regions showed a 50% reduction in brain activity.

This is consistent with the idea that there is so much attention devoted to SnowWorld that there is not enough attention available to process the pain signals anymore.”

Professor Hunter Hoffman of the University of Washington Harborview Burn Centre in Seattle, who helped develop a virtual reality game which has been proven to ease the pain of burns victims

Tuesday 1st

“I’m Barbara Bush and I’m a New Yorker for marriage equality. Everyone should have the right to marry the person that they love.”

Barbara Bush, daughter of former president George Bush, speaks out against homophobia in a campaign launched on US television today; despite her father’s active opposition of the cause

Wednesday 2nd

“Many families had loved ones that were stripped from them in the dead of the night and there has been no resolution, no healing, nothing to put them at ease. Most times when heinous crimes are committed, there is an investigation and some closure. Many of these families who lost loved ones have no closure — no closure at all.

That can tear people apart. What creates hostility is that nobody was ever brought to justice. People may bear scars and hostility for the rest of their lives, and may transfer it to their children. Every citizen is valuable and has something to offer this country. At least do due diligence and close the files.”

President Beverly Robertson of the National Civil Rights Museum, commenting on the recent naming of an Ex-KKK member believed to have taken part in the murder of a black shoe shop owner in Louisiana in 1964

Thursday 3rd

“The Government said that spending cuts would be socially fair, but cuts to bus services will hit the poorest and most vulnerable hardest. We believe any short term savings will be outweighed by the long term cost of a vastly depleted bus network. These unprecedented cuts will be especially disastrous for people on low incomes and could effectively mean the death of rural bus services.”

Stephen Joseph, chief executive of the Campaign for Better Transport, after it was claimed that budget cuts could leave areas of the country with no public transport at all

Friday 4th

“She told us rather late. She was afraid, like any other girl who would hide this from her parents. We found out after she entered the sixth month of pregnancy, when she knew she had to tell us because she could not keep it a secret any longer. We found out who the father is, but we have not yet decided what to do about him. For the time being, let the police handle him. We have other priorities. We will raise the child, we will be its parents.”

Sorin Feraru of Bucharest, who became a grandfather this week after his 12 year old daughter Claudia gave birth to the child of a 24 year old man, who is facing charges of paedophilia under Romanian law

Saturday 5th

“See, I am the colours of the Egyptian flag! [pointing to her black jeans, white shirt and the blood on her sleeve] It’s not mine. My friend, a student doctor, was cut above the eye by a rock the other day.

Of course my family are worried – my father rings every hour to check I am OK. And it would be a lie to say that I enjoy being dressed like this. I’m a woman, and fussy about clothes! I’ve been out of the square only twice, and only briefly, since this began so it hasn’t been easy. At the same time I don’t want to let my friends down, and I want to stay until Mubarak leaves.

I am also worried about being arrested if I leave. Already we have heard stories about activists who have left being rounded up. They have our names from Facebook postings and Twitter. Some have not been heard of since.”

Gabrielle, a 25 year old protester trapped in Cairo’s Tahrir Square amid fears that the Egyptian government is using social networking to find and arrest activists

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