The Quotes of the Week III

Sunday 16th

“There’s no question about it, there’s no answer to it other than people were greedy and they took advantage of a system. That is what happened. And they disgraced themselves. What annoys me is that they disgraced the Parliament that I have tried all my life to cherish and fought hard for.”

Former Speaker of the House Baroness Betty Boothroyd comments on the continuing expenses scandal among MPs, one of which was imprisoned this week

Monday 17th

“Most previous studies have found that exercise improves brain function. Many researchers believe that what is good for the heart is good for the head. The study is particularly important since it shows that exercise is beneficial even after the age of 65 and even among frailer people.”

Rebecca Wood of the Alzheimer’s Society, on new research which proved that regular exercise reduces the risk of dementia by up to 40%

Tuesday 18th

“He was calm. I was so scared, I really felt scared because my cousin was threatening me. I didn’t know if he was joking, if he was just mad, or if it was true and he would do it. He started shouting, “Listen to me, you had better do what I said. I have seen you on the Edgware Road and if I see you again I will kill you”.”

Alya Al-Safar, a 21 year-old Muslim who received death threats from her cousin after deciding to stop wearing the hijab

Wednesday 19th

“His comments are not only offensive, but also raise serious questions as to whether non-Christians can expect to receive equal treatment during his tenure as governor.”

Regional director of the Anti-Defamation League Bill Nigut speaks out after the newly-inaugurated Alabama governor Robert Bentley states that non-Christians are not his brothers and sisters

Thursday 20th

“After one operation I woke and the surgeon told me that the operation was over but wasn’t sure if I would pull through because those procedures weren’t as common back then. I can remember a priest was in the room standing over me and he was reading passages from the Bible and there was somebody else there who was crying.

But I told them I am a fighter and I managed to pull through. I made it through because of my fighting spirit and the skill of the surgeons who performed the operations to remove the areas where the cancer had struck.”

Great-grandmother Ellen McDonald, who has survived five battles with cancer to reach her 100th birthday

Friday 21st

“The idea of it was to get the children to empathise with what it was like. The big concern we had was that the children wouldn’t believe it. Unfortunately we made it too real. After that we spent all the rest of the afternoon explaining to them that it wasn’t.”

Primary school headteacher Mike Richards, who made pupils believe World War Three had broken out

Saturday 22nd

“I do not believe that handing a £100billion budget to the staff of the health service, who are least qualified and interested in handling it, is a wise decision. GPs are really important. But what they should be doing is listening to patients and they will be increasingly distracted by running the service.

We will have a real problem because we are spending huge resources on this reorganisation and we are doing it very quickly. There will be old people and people with chronic diseases whose medical care will be deficient and some of them will probably die as a consequence.”

Lord Robert Winston claims people will die as a result of this week’s government decision to sack 24,000 NHS managers and place the budget in the hands of GPs


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