The Quotes of the Week II

Sunday 9th

“He was not picking people. It was close quarters and people were crammed in there in terms of no place to go. He was easily able to shoot people at point-blank range, very easily.”

Doctor Steven Rayle, survivor of the Arizona shooting which left six people dead and congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in a critical condition

Monday 10th

“Her father Sitaram Rathod and other villagers suspected that it [her illness] could be due to an evil spell cast by a witch. They [the villagers] called for an ojha [witch doctor] to ward off the spell. The shaman then forced the women to consume a drink that he had made out of a local poisonous herb. He said that after drinking the brew, the real witch would voluntarily confess.”

Police spokesman Rajesh Joshi after the arrests of Bhagwan Deen, a village shaman and six other villagers in India’s Chhattisgarh state for forcing 30 women to drink poison

Tuesday 11th

“Danil is with me now, and sleeping in the next room. He’s three and a half, so of course he asks constantly where his mum and dad are; although he can not understand what’s behind it. He just knows that his parents have suddenly disappeared.”

Lyutsina Khalip from Belarus, who is facing a battle to retain custody of her grandson after the arrest of her daughter Irina and son-in-law Andrei Sannikov, an opposition candidate in the recent fixed elections

Wednesday 12th

“I was just shocked at what I saw, there were sick people all over the place, crush injuries and things like that and I walked in and the guy said to me ‘Can you help?’. This was like five o’clock in the evening and our curfew was six o’clock, so I knew I couldn’t help them that evening. When I turned around, there was a sea of faces looking at me and they were pleading ‘Allez, allez (help, help)’.

I said to them, look, it’s going to have to be tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I can come for you first thing, and they were upset, when I say upset, they were livid. I was walking out and they were grabbing at my clothes. A JDF soldier turned to them and said, ‘Oy, oy, you want blankets? How many blankets you want…2,000?’ So they (JDF) gave them blankets and they gave them water.

In the morning now when I went back, they were waiting at the gate and they said ‘No one died last night, blankets keep us warm’. You talk about hope in isolation, but to see hope actually work, to see somebody get hope from a blanket, a bottle of water…”

Jamaican surgeon Derrick McDowell talks about his experiences as one of the first to reach Port-au-Prince in Haiti after the earthquake, one year ago

Thursday 13th

“I don’t need to enhance my career Piers, the only way I would justify coming on your show would be to give money to a charity.”

Singer Lily Allen in a Twitter row with media mogul Piers Morgan, who suggested she wanted to be paid a six figure sum to speak about her miscarriage on his TV show

Friday 14th

“The president stepping down is a huge thing. I am 20 years old and he is the only president I’ve known. And it all happened completely unexpectedly.

The protests started with demands for more jobs. But things changed so quickly. Now we want freedom, we want to be able to assemble, to elect our government and I strongly believe that after this, Tunisians won’t accept a government that doesn’t represent them.

I am hopeful about the future. Tunisians have acquired political awareness and there’s no going back.”

Tunisian protester Afef Abrougui speaking after the street violence this week which forced former dictator President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali to flee

Saturday 15th

“I want everyone to see the pictures of what they did to me so they can act as a warning about the violence that is out there on the streets and what can happen out there. I’m relieved it is all over and she has been locked up. I hate her even more now than ever.

I can never escape what happened to me. I still have no idea why they did it or picked on me. I thought they were going to kill me.”

Naomi Morrison, 17, who was tortured and suffered horrific injuries at the hands of a 16 year old female drug addict


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