The Kaaos Effect

The Kaaos Effect

When I first started this blog I was fairly sure that I wouldn’t end up writing a post relating to the online world of Second Life; but just this week I discovered something that impressed even my inner ‘virtual world veteran’.

Though far from unique, Second Life is a 3d platform and social tool which can be used to create all kinds of things; however in reality it’s quite rare that you come across something in-world which shows real spark.

MadPea Productions is a group which has existed in Second Life for a good few years now – I came across their first project, The Devil’s Labyrinth, back in 2007. At the time it was an extremely complex maze containing labyrinthine passages, lava pits, enormous sewage pipes, lots of gore and more than a few references to the odd horror film franchise.

These days the Labyrinth is a much more sophisticated RPG-style game with a developed scripted damage system and with a much better standard of graphical detail than I remember on my last visit. But that’s not all MadPea have been up to.

Among MadPea’s newer projects is The Kaaos Effect, an immersive puzzle adventure game in which you become lost in time and have to find your way out by solving puzzles in various eras of history.

You begin the game on Hoshi Island in the present. A part of the Temporal Sightseeing Destinations lab has crashed here as a result of a time rift caused by employee Sid Mallock. Like The Devil’s Labyrinth, you are furnished with a HUD (or screen display) which in this case represents a broken time device which has had its parts scattered across time. Donning the time device sends you on a journey from the Ice Age and ancient China to a 1970s bedsit and a WW2 German U-boat.

Your ultimate goal is to fix the device and return it to Sid in the future. In each location you have to figure out a way to contact Sid with the help of your time device’s AI and the technology of each time era.

I was really impressed by this game, not least because of the clever use of the HUD, which makes you really believe you are travelling through time (a la Doctor Who). The areas for each time period are beautifully designed and the puzzles are well executed and fun to solve. I especially liked the 20th century dark room in which you take a photo and develop the film yourself, or repairing the earliest surviving published book in 7th century China (the above screenshot).

If you’d like to play The Kaaos Effect or The Devil’s Labyrinth you can visit them in-world by hitting the following links. To get a free Second Life account, click here.

The Kaaos Effect: MadPea Base (104, 203, 34)
The Devil’s Labyrinth: MadPea (79, 91, 24)

To find out more about other MadPea games in Second Life visit the MadPea Productions web site.


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