The Quotes of the Week I

Sunday 2nd

“This is a question of survival. I don’t smoke, but I have to protect those who do because I don’t want to end up unemployed.”

Restaurant owner Fernando Tejedor, who is campaigning against the smoking ban in Spain which went into force yesterday

Monday 3rd

“Sometimes I’m watching In the Name of the Father and Pete will turn and there’ll be a look… He’ll have these little idiosyncrasies that my father had and it’s not Pete, it’s my father.

He was an amazing chameleon, and I think that Jim Sheridan and Daniel (Day-Lewis) bringing him onboard to play the part of my father, opened doors for him and we can now appreciate how great an actor he was.”

Gerry Conlon, one of the ‘Guildford Four’, praising the actor Pete Postlethwaite who died yesterday, aged 64, following a long battle with cancer

Tuesday 4th

“My resolve is so strong that I do not fear the flames from without. I fear only the radiance of the flowers, that it might burn my garden down. Significant?”

The governor of Punjab province Salmaan Taseer on Twitter, two days before his assassination at the hands of one of his own security guards

Wednesday 5th

“We are witnessing the destruction of many of the building bricks of support for children and young people to achieve their full potential in life.

It is desperately worrying. Many of the blocks that were being erected for improving their outcomes are being demolished and I see little in their place to inspire confidence that this generation will be looked after by government.”

Sir Al Aynsley-Green, former children’s commissioner for England, speaks out against recent cuts in education funding

Thursday 6th

“I think you have an enormous responsibility in the next year to prove that the G20 is relevant as an important international institution going forward, because if the French cannot make a success of the G20, then I don’t see who can.”

British Finance Minister George Osborne, addressing the French Prime Minister Francois Fillon

Friday 7th

“This is not about us and them. We are one. This was an attack on Egypt as a whole, and I am standing with the Copts because the only way things will change in this country is if we come together.”

Muslim student Dalia Mustafa, who attended a Christmas mass in Cairo in a nationwide movement of solidarity against Islamic militants

Saturday 8th

“It’s absolutely a responsibility of every one of us to participate in this referendum. This is the only chance we have to decide.”

Southern Sudanese citizen John Deng, ahead of the vote which will decide whether Africa’s largest nation is to split in two


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