The New Year’s Resolution

The New Year's Resolution

So the new year rolls around once more. Up and down the country, millions of resolutions are being made. I have a bit of a bone to pick.

It always struck me that giving yourself a goal to achieve at New Year’s is counterproductive. It’s cold outside, and the nights are still early and dark (the days too, in my case). Christmas is more or less over. If you’re a pretty average Brit then you’ve probably spent the festive season indulging, eating more than you would have, exercising less… and then, there’s the huge expense (sales anyone?).

I’ve been looking up facts and figures regarding the promises people make at the new year and apparently, if you took 100 of those making resolutions, only 12 would achieve their goals. The odds are not good.

There is little to look forward to this side of the holiday season. So why do we make resolutions at new year, when most studies seem to show that now is when you are most likely to be at your lowest ebb?

Last year (or more accurately, the year before) I decided to be clever, and made an autumn resolution instead. My goal was to lose weight, and so I started going to the gym three times a week. I lost just over a stone by the time 2010 came along. It was good to achieve some success this way, and so I’ve been thinking about the kind of resolution I want to make this year for about six months now.

This year has been a mix of highs and lows. I discovered my dream job, and although I had it taken away, I now know which career direction I want to take. I’ve had money worries (and still do), but when I consider the things I’ve spent my money on, it has been money well spent. I’ve learned new skills. I’ve met and made quite a lot of new friends, and my existing friendships have become stronger. I’ve done far more travelling in one year than I ever have done before. I’ve become more confident. I’m learning to appreciate some of the good things about myself rather than dwelling so much on the bad.

There’s plenty I would like to achieve, and there’s lots of ways I’d like to improve myself. But when it really comes down to it, what I really would like to do this year is be more positive; about everything. It seems to me that if I can do this, everything else I want to achieve will become possible.


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