The Love of Folklore

The Love of Folklore

I wanted to share this podcast from the Folklore Society which I discovered today.

It is a discussion on folklore between Sir Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld series (among others) and Dr. Jacqueline Simpson, one of the UK’s leading experts on folklore. The two have worked together for many years and even collaborated on The Folklore of the Discworld, which explores the use of myth and legend in Pratchett’s books.

In August of this year I attended the biennial Discworld Convention in Birmingham, where I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Simpson one morning at breakfast. Polite and unassuming, she asked if she could join our table. Ten minutes later, my breakfast had gone cold. I was far too busy to eat! Dr. Simpson knows so much about the folklore of the UK; even, as I was delighted to find, from the north-east. She even sang the words with me of one of our most famous ‘folk’ songs, The Lambton Worm. Dr. Simpson is quite simply one of the most interesting and knowledgable people I have ever met, and that morning was definitely one of the high points of the weekend.

The podcast is the first of four parts, the others being released during November at The transcript is available here in PDF format.

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